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Hi, I’m Linda! Your Career Strategy Coach and my mission is to be of service to individuals seeking to clarify their professional vision and values and find fulfillment in the work they contribute their talents and gifts. And to advocate for those whose lives have been disrupted by job loss with a goal to keep their career on track.

My career transition began as a Human Resources Manager where I was on the front line of company staff reductions. It was my responsibility to communicate to hundreds of employees that they were losing their job. What was ironic about this time is that as I was delivering these daunting, career crippling messages, I was twice served with my own lay-off notice. Yes, you read that right. But God’s grace spared me.  


In both cases my pink slips were rescinded and I was asked to stay with the organization. Well as they say – “look at God”. After I was given a second chance to stay employed I began to see how the hand of God was on my life and strongly believed He spared me because He had an assignment for me to complete on that very job. It was at this point that my career took on a whole new meaning. I was no longer working on a job for an employer but I was on assignment for God. My role of communicating a job loss turned into the way God would use me to manifest his presence and be safe passage for employees being laid-off. I realized that my two lay-off notices were God’s way of helping me fully understand the pain and fears of others so that I would be equipped to do His work.

With empathy and faith, I took on the assignment of ministering and praying for the well-being of individuals whose lives and careers were disrupted by a job loss. God also grew my faith and showed me how to “employ” it concerning the talents He gifted me with to cover those in my place of business. This assignment is my “why” to what birthed Employ Your Faith Coaching and Career Services. Through it all God helped me better understand His role in our work and His call. 

Whether you are starting your career, feeling stuck in it or wanting to make a difference with it, I am your Career Strategy Coach and it would be my pleasure to partner with you on your journey.

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