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Healing from a job loss and faithfully finding your way back to work. 


FEBRUARY 22, 2024 | 2:00PM EST

Losing a job can be emotionally overwhelming.  This life and career disruption will overwhelm your emotions, challenge your faith and cause you to lose sight of the purpose God has for your life and career.  Healing first from the emotions and grief that’s associated with losing can help you make confident decisions and give you the ability to focus with clarity as you seek to discover what God has for you next. 


Are you:

  • Stuck revisiting the emotions of grief, self-doubt and rejections that are connected to your job loss?

  • Struggling to craft a resume that captures all of your capabilities and accomplishment

  • Unable to chart a clear path forward to your next career opportunity


Join this educational webinar, where I will break down the critical elements for charting a clear path forward so that you can keep your career on track after a job loss or explore what God is calling you to next.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • Common mistakes made while in between jobs

  • Why healing is the first step not updating your resume

  • How not to lose sight of all your skills, talents and accomplishment that will serve you best as you move forward

  • Honoring God in the job transition process


During the webinar I will also share highlights from my coaching program – “Purposeful Reemployment” that will teach you how to recover, rediscover and re-envision after a job loss.


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!


Faithfully finding your way back to work. 

Register now to receive your FREE guide on how to anchor your faith as you chart a clear path forward after a job loss. 

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

About Linda

Linda Johnson Owner of Employ Your Faith Coaching & Career Services a Faith-based Career Coaching Services Company for career professionals that honor Christ in their career as they make pivotal career decisions.  

As a Career Coach, Linda combines her 20+ years as a Human Resources Practitioner where she was placed on the front line of corporate downsizing, her professional development experience and a practical application of faith approach to guide professionals so that they can thrive in the workplace.  She also offers a safe place for individuals to heal after facing a job loss so that they can keep their career on track or discover where God is calling them too next.

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